Digital Artists

The research conducted for the development of my final year Research Paper 4-6 year old children and Digital Media, together with the insight into today’s educational system, acquired through volunteering as teaching support at Hyde Park Infant School (Plymouth, UK), have guided and informed the design process for this fun and engaging course I have called “Digital Artists“.

Digital Artists’ mission is to support children (the ‘little artists’) on their individual journey of self discovery. Little artists are encouraged to use the digital platform as a stage, where their imagination and curiosity can perform without boundaries, encouraging all forms of innovation – from creating their very own characters, to designing worlds, through visual programming.

With their boundless curiosity, fertile imagination, and natural mastery of the art of self-directed learning, children have much to teach adults about creativity and innovation. That’s perhaps even more true with today’s “digital natives,” says developmental psychologist Edith Ackermann, whose work explores—and exploits—the intersections of play, learning, design, and technology.


Digital Artists is returning to Hyde Park Infant School on the 13th of September with 2 groups per week.

Sessions will run on Monday and Tuesday, starting from the 13th and 14th of September 2021. For any enquiries or to join your little artist in one of the groups, please email Look forward to meeting the new generation of little artists. 🙂

Best wishes, Laura.